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The truth is that the war continues and the need for help is even greater, because the victims have been in shocking conditions for a long time. Time is against us in many respects. All help is welcome and feel free to offer help, because there can't be too much of it! Everyone has the right to freedom and integrity.

You can help and save lives in many different ways, for example:

  • As product donations (we can discuss the necessary products together)

  • By purchasing support products that we sell at various events 

  • By donating to a small collection (which enables the continuity of our operations by covering the necessary costs arising from our transportation. Financial support is important, because it also enables the purchase of products that are desperately needed for immediate first aid, for example for victims of sexual war crimes and the wounded. In particular, food, educational supplies, and first aid and military supplies are a shocking shortage and availability is difficult in places in many countries).

  • By offering the possibility of a small collection point, especially in the capital region

  • By supporting our transport with vehicle fleet

  • By offering your own skills, for example as a driver, interpreter, healthcare professional

Even sharing information is paramount! 

We want to strengthen and build cooperation continuously and we will be happy to talk with you if you want to be involved in the activity even more. Without private individuals, companies, authorities and local associations, the operation is not possible, so let's help together! We gratefully accept any help.

Let's help together

Please contact:

+358 40 634 2266


If you already have food, supplies, etc. that you can donate, you can bring them to our collection points in Helsinki, Espoo or Vantaa. 

You can also place an online store order directly to our warehouse. 

You can ask or call for addresses and additional information

+358 40 634 2266


Let's strengthen our professional activities and join us as a driver, interpreter or healthcare professional, for example! You can't have too much help and a lot of different skills are needed. Feel free to contact us!

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