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Konkreettista apua ry
Ukraine Emergency Appeal

Concrete Help Association

Support Ukraine with us

Thanks for being here! 

Konreettista apua ry is a voluntary aid organization that does both national and international humanitarian aid work, taking aid to where the need is greatest. We independently choose the aid targets regardless of political, religious or financial interests. Our association activities are focused on emergency aid for the victims of the war in Ukraine.

The operation is based on the collection of relief goods, the coordination of transports targeted to crisis areas and helping the victims of the war to Finland. We assist war victims in Finland with many different support measures. We also cooperate with other aid organizations and assist in taking donations to crisis areas.

Concrete aid work to  Ukraine started three days after the war broke out. The huge desire of individual people and companies to help with a big heart made it possible that emergency aid could be taken to Ukraine and that help could also be given continuously here in Finland to the victims of the war. The coordination work was also focused on other aid groups in order to get people to safety as quickly as possible from Poland, where reception centers had not yet been established in many places and there was chaos at many railway stations. The first 17 victims of the war came to Finland with our help on March 3.



The heart knows right and wrong. It knows goodness. Let's be together and help for a free and independent Ukraine.  Let's continue to support those who defend not only the independence of Ukraine but also peace throughout the world. The heart knows everything. We hope and we don't give up, we want to continue and help. As long as there is hope there is also life force. 

"A hero is any human being who truly aims to make this a better place for all people."

-Maya Angelou-

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Everyone has the right to freedom and integrity.


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